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"In The Name of Allah"

"Muhammad Bâqir al-Sadr and

the renewal of Islamic thought"


            Speaking about Islam and modernism, we have to be aware of the relationship between these two terms and the role of those figures who have had a vital contribution in this regard. According to some Islamic thinkers, modernism in Islam is a kind of intellectual reaction against the attack of Western culture particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. During this period, Muslim societies were under the pressure of new changes associated with Western domination, as a result of Western military victories, political and socio-economic progresses[1] Others believe that modernism includes all kinds of intellectual reforms bring new ideas against rigid traditionism.[2] According to the former point of view, Islamic modernism should not be equated with all attempts for internal revival, or reform in the field of Islamic thought. Modernists are mainly concerned with purifying Islamic heritage, reinterpreting some of its aspects in order to establish its worth against foreign encroachment. However they emphasize that opposing Western culture does not mean that modernists are enemies of Western sciences, technologies, and various forms of new social organization. What they really oppose is the wholesale and indiscriminate importation of Western ideas and values which will result in the disintegration of the moral fiber of the society and its authenticity.